About us
Mission and Values
Our mission:
We are devoted to strengthening the competitiveness of our customers by providing reliable, optimal transportation solutions and high quality service. We strive for leadership in international rail freight forwarding in the regions and segments of strategic importance to us, and continue to support our reputation as an expert, experienced and reliable partner.
Our values:
High quality of service
ALPA Centrums is dedicated to sustainable, long term development. We highly value the trust our clients, partners, employees and shareholders put in us, and are committed to delivering consistent, high-quality services. ALPA Centrums continues widening the range of its services and perfecting its customer service processes.
We operate in a highly dynamic environment. The success of our customers depends on our efficiency. We are committed to offering optimal solutions and organising the process of transportation efficiently to suit our customers’ needs in the best possible way.
The transparency of our internal processes, ensuring high level of precision and effectiveness of our employees’ decision-making and actions are an important dimension of our everyday work process. We constantly monitor and analyse our internal processes with the purpose of control and further improvement.
ALPA Centrums values its reputation for expertise, experience and reliability. We organise cooperation with our partners, employees and other stakeholders with utmost responsibility. Successful risk management processes are at the heart of our business’s success and longevity.
We keep pace with the times, developing and launching new routes and services reflecting the latest developments in the logistics industry and meeting the evolving needs of its international customers.